Zensun is a research and development-driven biopharmaceutical company. We develop innovative drugs based on our fundamental scientific discoveries in cardiology and oncology. Focusing on the unmet needs in those two areas, Zensun has developed breakthrough drugs to treat heart failure, breast cancer and other life-threatening diseases.

Heart Failure: Neucardin™ is currently in Phase III clinical trials in China and has completed Phase II clinical trials in China, Australia and the United States. And it has been authorized to perform Phase III clinical trials in the US by FDA at the end of 2013.

Oncology: Recombinant human ErbB3 fragment (rhErbB3-f) has been developed as a therapeutic tumor vaccine against ErbB2 overexpressing cancers and has completed Phase I clinical trials.

Pipeline: Zensun’s other pipeline assets are in the preclinical stage and represent cutting-edge progress in heart failure and oncology research.