Zensun has Submitted NDA of rhNRG-1 to SFDA


On Jan 12, 2012, Zensun (Shanghai) Sci. &Tech. Co., Ltd. submitted NDA of rhNRG-1 to SFDA. Zensun are expected to obtain New Drug Certification and apply rhNRG-1 to clinical treatment of CHF.
The survival study completed last year shows: NeucardinTM improved survival of CHF patients at one year by 39%, as compared to standard therapy. Of interest, the survival effect was most marked in the subgroup of patients with a certain biomark, where the all-cause mortality was reduced by 65%.
The success of NeucardinTM will be the first innovative genetically engineered drug. Moreover, during the past nearly three decades, there are no new breakthrough therapies having been developed. Hence, NeucardinTM is a major milestone in the development of this potentially revolutionary new treatment for heart failure