The Survival Study of rhNRG-1 Obtained Satisfying Results


Zensun’s phase II clinical study (protocol 209) has completed recruitment of 350 patients including 175 rhNRG-1 treated patients and 175 placebo treated patients. This study showed: 21 patients died in placebo treated group and only 11 patients died in rhNRG-1 treated group; mortality rate dropped by 47.62%. So far, the standard treatment of heart failure with ACEI, β-blocker and aldosterone receptor blockers etc. only can drop the mortality rate of heart failure about 10-33%. Moreover, our mortality rate drop was based on all patients who were still taking the standard treatment.

rhNRG-1 has been approved to take phase III clinical trial and planned to start a nationwide clinical trials in over 70 hospitals. Once survival study was further confirmed in this study, rhNRG-1 will be a milestone in heart failure treatments.